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          UMS has developped an unique experience in III-V devices modelling. The accuracy of our electrical models is a well-known advantage and a key success factor for our foundry customers.

          United Monolithic Semiconductors' design kits have been refined by experienced CAD and modelling teams to shorten  design cycle and ensure design optimisation. They include key features :

          • Active small and large signal scalable models.
          • Electro-Thermal models for GaN technology
          • Accurate passive models directly linked to auto-layout and library options
          • Compatibility with industry standard tools and operating systems
          • Proven techniques validated by the design of  UMS products

          Supported tools

          United Monolithic Semiconductors works closely with Keysight and EDA partners to develop and refine an effective suite of simulation packages to support designers. Design kits are fully compatible with:

          • Advanced Design System (ADS) from Keysight Technologies
          • Microwave Office from Cadence NI (formerly AWR Corporation)
          • IC6 from Cadence NI

          Electrical models and libraries

          High frequency design is supported by Electrical Model libraries, which have been validated by our 20 year experience design team.  Successful solutions are developped for demanding markets and applications. Active and passive device models are available for all qualified processes, with spread data deduced from DC and RF process control monitoring.

          Passive scalable models are provided for:

          • Inductors and capacitors
          • Lines
          • Resistors

          Design kit request

          To get your Design Kit, please follow the 2 step procedure:

          1. UMS delivery of foundry design kit is subject to acceptance and signature of the DK/DM IP Use Agreement. Please click on the link below to upload the document.
          2. Fill in the below form with your complete coordinates to inform us about your need.

          We will acknowledge receipt of your request. Your design kit request will be processed as soon as the signed DK/DM IP Use Agreement is received.

          Process Design Kit agreement

          CAD Design room in Villebon

          Do you need more information?

          Contact us @ tmtnanjing@163.com

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